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Direct Response Marketing

Brand Response: Where branding meets Direct Response Marketing.

Whether it’s lead generation, drive-to-web, drive-to-retail, or direct sell, Brand Response is the most effective way to achieve your measurable goals while protecting your brand.


While many advertising tactics have good results, direct response marketing is one of the effective of all. This is for many reasons, including the great analytics, the engagement with customers, and the affordability of this marketing technique.

Direct response marketing isn’t the easiest tactic to understand, however. Most companies can’t craft direct response campaigns that work effectively. If you’ve tried and failed, you already know this is true. Or perhaps you haven’t even tried yet, too intimidated by the number of steps involved and the necessary insider experience.

No matter what your impression has been to this point, a direct response marketing agency can help you make up for lost time. Your business deserves better results than this. So, don’t leave this valuable tactic – and your biz – out in the cold.

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing, as the name suggests, is a marketing technique that elicits a response from the prospect right away. Television, radio, and web can all employ direct response tactics. They make a product pitch, then tell viewers/listeners/users how to get in touch immediately. That prospect then contacts you directly, ready to hear about your service.

Or you might prefer to work with a direct response agency that helps you craft your advertising, then provides call center services. That way, when your prospects call in, we can vet them for you. Once we’ve determined they really want the service, we deliver them to you in a “warm transfer” that makes them much more likely to pull the trigger at the end of your conversation.

Any way you customize the direct response campaign, the main point is that after the messaging, the prospect is encouraged to take immediate action. If there is no clear call to action and path to follow, that is not direct response marketing. That could mean you’re leaving business on the table by ignoring people who would come to you with a stronger call to action.

Why Direct Response Matters

Part of the reason DR marketing is so effective is that it generates such fantastic metrics. Not in the sense of ROI (although that too). When we say “fantastic metrics,” we mean they are clear, measurable, and actionable in the extreme. Every time you deliver your message, you can immediately measure the results. The immediacy of responses effectively mitigates the confounding effects of time, other messaging, and competitor influence. You can determine with reasonable accuracy exactly how much ROI you get from your target audience. This is very useful for future campaigns.

Plus, direct response applies just the right amount of pressure to prospects. It doesn’t use heavy sales tactics, of course, which can cause a backlash. Instead, it creates a sense of urgency that causes prospects to take action on products and services they actually need. Think about it: Would they be researching the topic at all if they didn’t need your services? Would you contact them if they weren’t in a niche that routinely used products and services just like yours? No, they wouldn’t, which results in:

  • Prospects who are already warmed up and ready to hear what you have to say
  • People who are more likely to respond to your message with interest rather than scorn
  • Happy clients and customers who get what they need
  • Word of mouth marketing that stems from those happy customers
  • Reliable, repeatable campaigns that you can adjust to meet your needs over time

If you want to see the best results, it pays to work with the best direct response marketing companies. We humbly submit ourselves as among the best at the local, regional and national level. Our clients are routinely wowed by our services, so why work with anyone else?

Your Marketing Success with Fulcrum Advertising

It doesn’t do to work with just any direct response company. Many a company that advertises itself as a direct marketing agency doesn’t actually have the chops to create real action. If you’re paying a “direct response advertising agency” but not seeing direct responses, then you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. It’s time to let the pros step in.

Ready to start a direct response marketing campaign that actually works? We’re ready to help. With the necessary time in the business and proven experience with such tactics, Fulcrum Advertising can pretty much guarantee your success. Please give us a call at or email us with any questions you may have. We’d love to give you any details you want and help you craft the plan you need. Don’t wait any longer to see the results you’re looking for.