B2B Appointment Setting Services

Our appointment setting specialists understand the key factors that drive quality leads and successful meetings for your sales team to close.

Our appointment setting service delivers face to face meetings, telephone calls, and video appointment setting via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams with qualified prospects, to help you grow your business consistently.

We specialise in generating new leads by taking quality data lists, establishing new sales relationships and setting sales appointments.  In turn, this moves prospects through your sales funnel into face-to-face, or remote sales meetings.

The hardest part of any marketing and sales campaign is to take your prospect to the next level with a view to closing the deal. But sales is exactly that, a process and it all starts with cold-calling.

Toucan take full ownership of the lead and keep you fully up to date on cold, warm and hot sales leads.

Appointment setting supports you by:

1. Sourcing quality data
2. Qualifying leads
3. Booking sales appointments
4. Confirming the day before the appointment

  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Rapid Inbound Lead Response
  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists
  • Dead Lead Revival
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Trade Show Lead Generation

our effective approach for B2B Lead Generation. For us, representing your brand, in the utmost professional manner, is of paramount importance.

By outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation requirements, we are able to generate valuable business interest in your products and services. We then convert this interest into a healthy range of qualified appointments, leads, WebEx meetings, sales calls and event registrations for you to take forward and convert into new business revenue. Qualified online lead generation services to suit almost every industry.

All businesses have pain points that can lead to lost opportunities when it comes to acquiring new customers. We solve them and increase acquisition rates through high-performance, dedicated sales teams armed with the right strategies, tactics, scripts, training and tech.

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

B2B appointment setting involves placing calls to prospects from your marketing list, whether that is an existing database or a list newly generated as part of the campaign.

Prospects are nurtured until they become qualified leads, at which point an appointment is set for a convenient time, and the lead is handed to your sales team to complete the contract negotiations.

Outsourced B2B appointment setting is fast. You offload the time-intensive process of placing calls, especially to a long list of prospects who have not yet been qualified.

In return, you get back a stream of qualified leads who are ready to convert to become paying customers, so your in-house account managers and sales teams can maximise their productivity and raise more revenues.

Every campaign is bespoke, for example a telesales campaign might be based on the number of calls placed and the number of appointments targeted.

The important thing to remember is that in general, outsourced appointment setting will generate new business leads to more than cover its own costs.

Appointment setting is the process by which a marketing prospect is scheduled for a sales call or face-to-face meeting.

It’s a critical moment in B2B telesales campaigns, as it marks the pivot point at which a loosely qualified prospect becomes regarded as a likely paying customer in the near future.

Setting an appointment with a B2B telesales prospect is a clear statement of interest, and often a statement of intent to place an order.

More than that, it is essential to maintain a steady stream of incoming appointments, so that you do not risk wasting time or losing productivity by having sales reps and account managers sitting idle.

The process of B2B appointment setting can sound like a normal conversation, but is designed to steer the prospect towards becoming engaged and giving you their time.

A typical call might start with a brief summary of the product or service on offer, followed by open questions to engage the prospect in conversation and help them to recognise the benefits of the product or service for them.

Once they are engaged, it’s a case of setting a date and time for an appointment, so a sales representative can attend and finalise any contract arrangements.

B2B appointment setting is not always easy, but there are strategies that can help to increase the overall success rate:

  • Placing follow-up calls especially if the prospect asked you to call later
  • Maintaining ongoing communication and positive relationships with prospects
  • Ensuring appointments can be set at a time and date convenient for the prospect

We have years of experience using these and advanced B2B appointment setting strategies as part of our B2B telesales service, with repeated huge success.