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We Help Brands Sell More With Field Sales Solutions

We help brands sell more by developing, innovating and executing efficient tailor-made field sales solutions. We use a variety of models and tools to achieve your field marketing goals.

Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses have their own field sales team, who through face-to-face contact are able to engage with customers and make sales. That may be because of the high cost of recruiting and running a proprietary sales team or because they don’t have the skills. Equally clients might choose us because they want to test demand or run a tactical acquisition campaign for a specified duration.

By outsourcing your sales requirements to us we can develop and manage the whole channel for you. We have run sales teams on behalf of  clients, not only do we have a proven track record, we also have the systems, the infrastructure and the skills to deliver.

We will work with you to understand your objectives and your requirements. Then we will plan a trial and use the learnings from it to build a bespoke field sales team for you, with the appropriate level of training, accreditation and field management. We can provide you with skilled sales staff for tactical, short term campaigns or if your strategy is to a build a standalone acquisition channel, we can do that too.

We have a database of skilled sales people covering the whole of the Maharashtra. We are able to provide sales teams who can work in stores or branches or in public venues such as shopping centres, shop to shop, service stations, consumer exhibitions or to undertake business to business sales. We do not offer door to door or residential sales services.

How we help

Full field sales solutions from strategy to execution

Direct your sales force to where they can add most value

Scale teams at pace for additional support during product launches, promotions and key events.

Turn the retailer’s salespeople into brand advocates to become an extension of your sales team

Generate an increased ROI with Field Sales

Are you stuck with a current sales strategy and don’t have any idea what should be done next? Service Innovation Group is your source of the most optimal marketing solutions. We offer professional field sales services which will drive an improved ROI to your brand in a short time. With a tailored plan for your retail business, our team will show you the way to follow. We know what marketing steps should be taken to build strong relationships with your customers and encourage them to rely on your brand.

Fulcrum is one of the most reputable field sales companies in the mumbai and pune  offering solutions that make the difference in the retail industry. We focus on developing long-term relationships with your potential buyers with the help of an innovative partnership approach. Aimed at increasing your brand awareness, our team of field sales experts will act on behalf of your company when creating a personal connection with your target audience. This form of marketing is a highly appealing option for businesses as it helps them deliver retail excellence quickly and effectively.

We want your retail store move beyond traditional marketing techniques with an annoying salesperson standing in front of shoppers. If you feel passionate about delivering greater value to your customers than that of the past, Fulcrum will help. It’s our sales marketing services that allow you to improve your results dramatically. Thus, it’s up to you to be better off using relationship-oriented promotion techniques or to settle for run-of-the-mill methods that do not take customer interaction into account.

Benefits of Our Field Sales Services

With new ways of increasing ROI and brand presence, Fulcrum has made a name for itself as the agency that cares about your success. However, it’s not the only thing that allows us to stand out from other field sales marketing companies. We’ve already managed to help many businesses due to:
Unrivalled experience in the retail industry. Over the years of helping others, we’ve found out what marketing strategies work best to maximise sales.
Technologically advanced solutions. Our field sales services come with the latest reporting software, allowing you to see your progress and areas with increased value.
Comprehensive sales programmes. We place an increasing emphasis on long-term customer relationships, improved brand presence and incremental sales. Also, our team makes sure the risk of miscommunication and incorrect data is minimised.
Individual approach. Depending on the retail sector you are involved in, different selling techniques may be required. When relying on us, you will get assisted by professionals who have all needed skills in your particular area.

Run your business effectively

All you need to get increased profits is to hire fulcrum to be a part of your team. As one of the most experienced sales  companies in the india, we know for sure how to achieve the desired results in sales. We will analyse high-level KPIs, strengthen local relationships and develop a step-by-step strategy to maximise your brand profitability.

Count on us today to bring all these benefits to your business tomorrow!





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Field Sales Representatives are professionals who increase sales by developing relationships with potential customers. They follow up on leads and maintain those already won over. They may identify prospective clients or make sure that current ones are satisfied. As they do this, they keep an eye out for new opportunities as they arise.

Field Sales Representatives are tasked with closing significant transactions by meeting face to face with potential or existing customers in their assigned territory. They maintain connections between a variety of customers to make sales consistently.

The Field Sales Representative is responsible for providing hands-on explanations of new or updated products. This means they chat face to face with potential customers, showing off their product knowledge to make an impression on them. Through this, they make efforts to buy what they’re selling.

Field Sales Representatives should be focused on solving those problems for their clients. To be successful, they need a deep knowledge of each company that comes into contact with theirs. They need to ask appropriate questions until they’ve told every detail worth knowing.

Outside Sales Representatives often collaborate with Inside Sales Representatives. They work together to provide clients with excellent and convincing sales pitches, guaranteeing their purchase. They often communicate with the same client, one residing in the office and the other going out of their way to visit them personally.

Till one point, field sales meant going out to the market, finding prospects, following up, and closing the deal. Over time, the sales process became more complex and needed a team to work inside the office to collect leads, make the first contact, and even sell. With more people making purchases online, many companies have moved to sell from the office.

Yet, outside sales or field sales is significant for companies that have complex or high-priced products. No matter what business you are in, as long as you need to reach out to customers, you will need a field sales strategy that works. It brings us to the question – how do you find one, and why can’t you just depend on online or virtual sales?

Let us explore these answers. 

What is Field Sales?

Field sales or outside sales is a type of sales process where the reps go out in the market and sell directly. Field sales reps identify prospects, make contact, pursue leads, and ultimately, close the deal. Many companies still depend significantly on on-field sales, while others have achieved a perfect balance of field sales and inside sales.

Now let’s see why it is essential for companies.

Even though companies are selling without meeting their prospects, field sales remain a core strategy for making sales. Field sales made up 72% of the sales force in 2017, while inside sales accounted for 28.8%. If you are missing out on field sales, you are losing a significant chunk of customers.

But why would you depend on on-field sales when you can sell using the phone or the internet?

Here are a few reasons to consider.

1. Field Sales Help You Sell More
2. Presentations and Demos make Better Impact on Customers
3. Field Reps Build Strong Customer Relationships
4. It is Ideal for Businesses that have Complex Sales Cycles
5. Field Reps are an Effective Source of Customer Data and Feedback

Unless your company offers simple products or has a short sales cycle, you can benefit a lot from field sales. However, field sales management is crucial to drive max results from your team’s efforts. Most companies have moved to a hybrid model combining inside and outside sales for optimum results. 

When your field reps hit the market, consider empowering them with a reliable field sales solution using LeadSquared Mobile CRM for field sales (15-day free trial). Your field reps will be able to improve their performance and sell more with the new mobile capabilities. With more transparency and real-time insights, it’s going to help you get better conversions.