Connect Experiential Marketing Business Objectives

Capture Customer Data

Programs that feature social media components make tremendous sense in establishing two-way communication and an ongoing consumer relationship. With mobile technology, it’s easy to set up a “hot spot” and connect with the internet, which provides a rich, multi media product experience. Importantly, this allow marketers to capture customer information and inspire sharing of positive social media (photo sharing and online reviews).

Build Awareness and Momentum

A live experience is the perfect setting for brands to pre-promote a new service or line extension when brand ambassadors facilitate casual, genuine conversations. Early promoting of a new product or service through live 2 way discussion where brand ambassadors uncover what matters most to consumers, such as “you know, I’m so frustrated when I can’t find my local sports team on my cable provider. That’s why I switched to XYZ Cable , because it has all of my favorite teams, and if I miss a game I can watch it later.” This interaction and engagement is integral to turning product sampling into trial (“if you sign up here, you can try XYZ Cable Service for the next two weeks at no charge.”) and ultimately purchase (after the trial period, you can take advantage of our special offer to sign up with 2 months free.”


Start a Relationship With an App

Increasingly, our clients are building mobile apps so that consumers have a direct brand link. In fact, apps offer a myriad benefits in terms of building brand loyalty. They provide a direct conduit back to the consumer for future follow up beyond the in-person sampling experience. At BCEX, we offer a proprietary App Launcher technology that uniquely facilitates this process, by allowing the brand to produce in-market instant downloads. They benefit from the convenience and the bank gets to push customized messaging back to the consumer based on their app usage.