Business Planning

Are you in need of a new or revitalized business plan? I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners in the following areas:

  • Business plan creation,
  • Business plan revitalization,
  • Financial forecasts, and
  • Pitch decks (investor presentations)

Business Plans that Deliver. And Deliver.

We don’t have an ultimate business plan template that can be all things to all people. Nobody does. If you use a template, it’s obvious to everyone. Especially professional lenders and investors, who sniff out templates in under 60 seconds. Instantly, your credibility as a business leader plummets.

A custom business plan is requisite if you want serious funding. It’s also the most important investment in your business. And you want to make sure you get it right the first time – because you usually don’t get a second chance.

If you don’t have the time, or you’ve never done it before, an experienced entrepreneur can deliver a business plan that sings. It’s a work of art – and science. Your business plan should do a lot of the heavy lifting for you:

  • A superb business plan tells your unique story in an informative and intriguing way. The Executive Summary packs a punch, with key points that pop out and make you want to dig right in.
  • Your business plan imparts all the excitement that you and your management team feel about the amazing opportunity ahead. It gets the reader’s heart pumping.
  • It conveys a keen sense of your company’s position in the marketplace. And your competitors’. Company operations come to life – as if the reader is right there working with you, shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Financial projections are borderline nerdy, they’re so detailed, but with at-a-glance summaries that even skimmers absorb quickly. They tell the story of your future, and support your investors’ return and valuation.
  • The standard sections you know and love are packed with eye candy – facts, figures, charts, links. All written with clarity, in a professional voice, supported by high-profile references. Easy to navigate from a substantial Table of Contents.
  • Bottom line, your business plan is a roadmap for management. It lays out the goals and the action steps you’ll take to get there. It’s practical and achievable. Not only will you give it to potential debt and equity participants, but you’ll actually use it to run your business.