Business Plan Benefits

Whether you need a business plan to raise capital, entice the participation of a prospective partner, or to engage management to achieve far-reaching goals, you can’t go wrong with an Investor-Quality Business Plan.

Even if it never sees the eyes of an Investor, the rigor that it requires will align your business with the ultimate Investor ‘litmus test’. Investors seek businesses that are rigorously researched and planned for a reason. These businesses have the greatest history of success. I deliver that very same level of research, strategy and planning for your business.

By working with a seasoned entrepreneur to develop an Investor-Quality Plan, you greatly improve your ability to compete and succeed. They are vastly different than most management-authored plans.

The Benefits of a Business Plan:

  • Investors are looking for key strategic elements as well as the factual, analytical presentation of your business’ history and future capabilities. Articulating these points in a concise way that quickly answers their questions will position you ahead of the pack. And position your company for success.
  • It’s not just a pretty sales document. Or a glorified marketing brochure. Your business plan, the related financial projections and underlying goals all work together to build a company that is poised to achieve a healthy operation and healthy financial results.
  • If you don’t already, you will begin to “manage by the numbers”. No more sleepless nights worrying about your cash position near payroll days or invoice dates. When you manage by the numbers, you know where you stand at any given time, and what you can do about it.
  • You will stop thinking (or communicating) that your company absolutely cannot fail! The most successful entrepreneurs understand and accept that most businesses fail within the first year. And within five years, even more fail. The critical formula for success is first to completely understand the plethora of risks your business truly faces, and then to implement risk mitigation strategies. Communicate with your stakeholders that you (and your team) fully embrace these risks, and that you have specific plans in place to beat the odds. Like investors, that’s what you do every day. You work to beat the odds to achieve profits.