Media Planning

Improve your Media Planning 

The initial phase of planning media campaigns is to understand our clients business. At Fulcrum Marketing, we immerse ourselves in our clients marketplace through meticulous research, ensuring an understanding of audience, offering, objectives and competitors. We understand the importance of being aware of how a business works and what opportunities we can take advantage of in their sector.

​Media planning is an exhaustive process of looking at all of the media options and creating the optimum schedule that will be effective at a particular time and within budget.

All of our media planning decisions are backed up with customer data as well as the latest intelligence and analytics on the media channels that we are recommending. 

We ensure that we assess all available options to deliver a campaign that is going to best suit your needs and hit your desired target audience.

If you are looking for a media planning agency why not get in touch, we would love to talk to you.