How Content Marketing Works

How Content Marketing Works

There is a popular saying among digital marketers: “Content is king.” Good content attracts eyeballs, while poor content does not. Content marketing is based on the premise that marketers can use Web content as a strategic asset to attract attention and drive traffic of target audiences. As a marketer, part of your job is to help the organization publish substantive Web content–articles, videos, e-books, podcasts, images, infographics, case studies, games, calculators, etc.–that will be interesting for your target segments. When you do this, you should incorporate your optimal search terms into the content, so that it’s more likely to show up in organic search results. You should also look for ways to link to that content from other Web pages, so that search-engine “bots” (or computer programs) responsible for cataloguing Web sites will think your content is popular and well regarded by the Internet-user community. As your content appears in search results, it will rank higher as more and more people click through to your content and link to it from other locations on the Internet.

A poster that says The Local List, San Francisco, airbnb. It shows an illustration of a beach with the Golden Gate Bridge, sailboats, a restaurant table, attractive architecture, and a person pulling a child's stroller with a bike.

Downloadable PDFs from Airbnb, listing things to do and see in cities around the world.

Screenshot of Farmers Insurance website. It has featured articles covering topics such as life insurance for family members with special needs and 4 important tips for winterizing your boat.

Articles and tips on Farmers Insurance Web site.

Screenshot of Tailwind by Hipmunk website. Shows article called How Travelers Can See the New Star Wars Movie Two Days Early.

Blog post on Hipmunk’s Web site. Visually simple, clean graphics.