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Field Sales

    Businesses use multiple channels to promote products and services to prospective customers. Not all businesses have their own field sales team, who through face-to-face contact are able to engage with customers and make sales. That may be because of the high cost of recruiting and running a proprietary sales team or because they don’t have the skills. Equally clients might choose us because they want to test demand or run a tactical acquisition campaign for a specified duration. By outsourcing your sales requirements to us we can develop and manage the whole channel for you. We have run sales teams on behalf of  clients, not only do we have a proven track record, we also have the systems, the infrastructure and the skills to deliver. We will work with you to understand your objectives and your requirements. Then we will plan a trial and use the learnings from it to build a bespoke field sales team for you, with the appropriate level of training, accreditation and field management. We can provide you with skilled sales staff for tactical, short term campaigns or if your strategy is to a build a standalone acquisition channel, we can do that too. We have a database of skilled sales people covering the whole of the Maharashtra. We are able to provide sales teams who can work in stores or branches or in public venues such as shopping centres, shop to shop, service stations, consumer exhibitions or to undertake business to business sales. We do not offer door to door or residential sales services.

    Generate an increased ROI with field sales

    Are you stuck with a current sales strategy and don’t have any idea what should be done next? Service Innovation Group is your source of the most optimal marketing solutions .We offer professional services which will drive an improved ROI to your brand in a short time. With a tailored plan for your retail business, our team will show you the way to follow. Fulcrum is one of the most reputable field sales companies in the Mumbai and Pune  offering solutions that make the difference in the retail industry. 

    Benefits of Our Field Sales Services

    With new ways of increasing ROI and brand presence, Fulcrum has made a name for itself as the agency that cares about your success.We’ve already managed to help many businesses due to:

    Unrivalled experience in the retail industry: Over the years of helping others, we’ve found out what marketing strategies work best to maximize sales.

    Technologically advanced solutions: Our field sales services come with the latest reporting software, allowing you to see your progress and areas with increased value.

    Comprehensive sales programmes: We place an increasing emphasis on long-term customer relationships, improved brand presence and incremental sales.

    Individual approach: Depending on the retail sector you are involved in, different selling techniques may be required. When relying on us, you will get assisted by professionals who have all needed skills in your particular area.